I’m New Here

What To Expect

If you’ve never visited our church, here are a few first impressions you can plan for.

This is a very diverse church.

We definitely take a lot of pride in the range of cultures that come together in our church family. We have many different nationalities and races that choose to worship and fellowship together on a regular basis. If you get a chance to be a part of our international potluck in September you will have a chance to taste food from all over the world. ***We do not condone gluttony, but understand.***

You go to church on Saturday and not Sunday like most other protestant churches.

Yes, we’re glad you noticed. We are Seventh-day Adventists. As our name suggests, we believe that the seventh-day of the week is a day to rest from our work and secular things in order to spend a bit of our week specifically spending time with our heavenly father and with others who believe as we do. It’s kind of a re-charge to our lives so that we can continue to be his light when we go to work or school or wherever we hang out during the week. We follow the Bible and we find that in God’s Law, he asked us to “Remember the Sabbath day” and we also follow Christ’s example as he rested and ministered to his community as he lived here on earth. You’ll find that many of us see Sabbath as a wonderful gift and a great way to live a fulfilling life without being completely burnt out. Scientist have shown that many Seventh-day Adventists who rest each week and adhere to a healthy lifestyle can add more than 7 years to their life, and that not just length, but quality. Not too shabby!